Ch Winsleywood Waterloo JW ShCM

7 CC's, 4 BoB's and 8 RCC's plus SGWC, WGC on Game and Working Test Award

09/04/05 to 12/08/14



Date of Birth: 09/04/2005

Stud Book Number: 0661CR

BVA Hips: 11:14     BVA Elbows: 0     BVA Clear Eye Certificate 19/06/10

Optigen Tested Normal/Clear     Labrador Myopathy Tested Clear

Full Dentition / he does NOT carry the Chocolate Gene




Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
Ch, Int, Nord & Fin Ch Carpenny Walpole Hawksmoor Webster Am Ch Dickendall Arnold
Hawksmoor Ravens Flight
Sh Ch Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny Ch Carpenny Bonhomie
Cranspire Careless Whisper
Nonairbra Country Pride at Winsleywood Thurbajen's Limited Offer Cremino Corn Barley
Thurbajen's Touch Above
Nonairbra Princess Dawn Nonairbra Kings Resolve at Thurbajen JW
Nonairbra Someone Special

Charlie's Show Gallery and CRUFTS 2010 Results

Dog CC & RBIS at The Labrador Retriever Club 2007 - a proud day :-)

Critique from Bath 2006 - Judge Oonagh Gore

JD (21,5a) 1 Scutcher's Winsleywood Waterloo, no question as to who the winner was. Yellow, so well made, right size & bone, still holding coat, clean outline. Pleasure to see such a balanced dog move free off a long lead, giving the judge full view, good extension & drive, correct movement.CC

Critique from Birmingham Dog Show Society 13th May 2007 - Judge Mrs Maxine Crocker-Williams

Mid L (11,2a) 1 Scutcher's Winsleywood Waterloo JW ShCM, my clear winner here, have never seen him look better, in tip-top condition, in coat, right bodyweight, presented a balanced outline, showing steadily & sensibly, lovely moulded head, kind expression, good reach of neck into well set shoulders, not loaded as so many were today, uneaggerated with a good length of leg, moved very well. CC & BOB

Critique from Labrador Retriever Club 9th June 2007 - Judge Mr John Crook OBE

Mid L (16,6a) 1 Scutcher's Winsleywood Waterloo JW ShCM. Elegant Yellow. Lovely outline. Very good reach of neck, great angles and lovely topline. Perfect balance front and rear. Moved with drive and precision. The best mover of all the Labradors I saw on the day. CC & RBIS.

Critique from Blackpool Championship Show 23/06/07 - Judge Mr Keith Young

MidLD 1 Scutcher's Winsleywood Waterloo JW ShCM. A high quality masculine yellow without a doubt my dog of the day. Took my eye with his lovely balanced outline. Appealing head shape of good proportion. Nice eye with good pigment giving an intelligent expression. Straight front with good reach of neck into a firm level topline. My best mover of the day displaying an effortless easy stride. Well presented. Delighted to award him the CC and pleased when he was shortlisted in the group.

Critique from SWKA 7th July 2007 - Judge Mrs Ronwein Phillips

Limit (18,5a) 1 Scutcher's Sh Ch Winsleywood Waterloo JW ShCM, young yellow who has just gained his title, so worthy of it. Presented in hard condition, super balance which is the first thing you notice. His head has the right amount of stop & foreface thus giving you a head that is kind but male in its make up. Good eye colour & pigment, uses his ears which help give him a super clean neck & shoulder, level topline, carries tail at the same height, loved his overall scope & moves with drive. CC. Just could not keep himself together for BOB when he met the bitch. My co-judge and I thought him a good match with the bitch.

Critique from Bournemouth Championship Show 12/08/07 - Judge Mrs Jo Coulson

Open Dog 1 Scutcher's Sh Ch Winsleywood Waterloo JW ShCM, this dog stood out for me today. He has quality and knows how to show it. Very appealing head and expression with good eye colour. He is strong and powerful in body, excels in front angulation, is firm and strong through topline and has both depth and good length of rib with correct loin. Powerful hindquarters which he uses to advantage, moving freely, driving off his hocks and covering the ground well. His coat is of excellent texture, being short, free from wave and with a dense undercoat. CC & BOB and handled himself well in the group. As I watched him in the big ring, I noticed that he never stood wrong and worked as one with his handler throughout.