About Me


The Winsleywood Affix was established in 1997 after purchasing Romantic Dreamer of Winsleywood. I have owned 8 dogs since 1996 and achieved a minimum of 7 Stud Book Numbers, including one Full UK Champion, another two with 2 RCC's each and four of them gaining Junior Warrants and three Show Certificate of Merits plus 4 of them gaining Show Gundog Working Certificates.

I never had a dog growing up and it was only after I purchased my first labrador, Buster, in 1997 that my love of all things "Labrador" began. Someone suggested that I should have a go at showing him, which I did and had great fun - he was possibly one of the most difficult dogs to begin with as he rarely had four feet on the ground and woofed at me for food in the ring!! He was shown with success, mainly at Open Shows but also enjoyed places at Championship Shows and gained his Stud Book Number.

In 1998 Barney was purchased, who unfortunately never really made the show ring due to various ailments - but none the less a fantastic labrador with a great personality. In 2001 I purchased my foundation bitch, Chloe who was also my first serious show dog. She won Minor Puppy Bitch at Manchester in 2006, at her first show and enjoyed many successes including entry into the KC Stud Book. After much research Ch, Int, Nord & Fin Ch Carpenny Walpole was selected as a suitable stud for Chloe and in 2005 she gave birth to my first litter, which was far more successful that I had ever contemplated!!

I was extremely proud of my first litter which produced my very first Champion - Charlie has been an absolute star and has so many virtues, so far he has gained a Junior Warrant, Show certificate of Merit, 7 Challenge Certificates, 4 Best of Breeds, 7 Reserve Challenge Certificates, a Show Gundog Working Certificate, as well as a Working Gundog Certificate on Game and a Working Test Award. Charlie was also the 2nd Highest winning male in the UK during 2007. He also went on to win the BASC Working Gundog Class in 2010 - click here.

I was fortunate, in the same litter, to also produce his sister Willow who has also gained her Junior Warrant, Show Certificate of Merit and 2 Reserve Challenge Certificate's, qualifying her for Crufts for life. In May 2009 Winsleywood Willow JW ShCM gave birth to her first litter by Sh Ch Rocheby Statesman. From this litter I have kept Winsleywood Wild Rose aka Rosie who is making good progress and whom I hope has some good blood lines for my breeding in the future, she has her Stud Book Number and has her Show Gundog Working Certificate. This was followed by a second litter in 2011 when Willow was line bred to Sh Ch Carpenny Made a Million which produced a super litter and from this I have Winsleywood Wild Honey JW ShCM aka Summer who gained her Junior Warrant and Show Certificate of Merit and has 2 Reserve Challenge Certificates. She also like her uncle is showing an aptitude for gundog work and in November 2013 she gained her Show Gundog Working Certificate. In 2013 Rosie was mated to the black dog Bob Bobbing Along to Baileydale JW which line bred to Rocheby Old Smokey.  Winsleywood Wild Joker at Lyndham (owned by Dale & Keith Elliott) came from this mating and also has his stud book number.  In 2015 Summer gave birth to a litter by top winning dog Am Ch & Eng Sh Ch Farnfield Topo Gigio (AI) JW ShCM, after two years in the planning I was delighted with the litter and look forward to showing Winsleywood Wild Anise JW in the coming years. She has  her Junior Warrant and qualified for Crufts for life as well as some nice places in Stakes classes.

In addition to showing I have also developed an interest in working my dogs. I am actively Gundog training with all my dogs and am loving every minute of it. I have been picking-up on a local shoot, with Charlie, for several seasons now, which has given us a great deal of experience. I have been fortunate to attend training days, walked-up in Sugar Beet, with top Field Trial competitors Mike Tallamy and Sara Gadd. More recently we have dipped our toe into a few Novice Dog/Novice Handler Working Tests.

As you can probably imagine I am very passionate about Labradors. I absolutely adore all of my dogs and they are primarily much loved pets. They all have their own unique characters and are constantly a source of great amusement!

Finally although I enjoy showing I also like judging. I award CC's in Labradors and have been fortunate to have judged in the UK, Finland, Italy & Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic and Germany.

I also award CC's in Belgian Shepherds  and although a completely different breed, I have developed a keen interest and appreciation of them. I am also on the C list for Brittany's, Leonbergers, Golden Retrievers,Irish Setters, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and Field Spaniels. Click HERE to view my Judging Gallery.

I am a member of Kent, Surrey & Sussex LRC, East Anglian LRC, The Labrador Retriever Club, Midland Counties LRC, The Yellow LRC, LRC Scotland, Cotswold & Wyevern LRC and United Retriever Club.

In addition to the actual showing and working I am a Kennel Club member, Hon. Secretary of the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Retriever Club which is a very demanding but rewarding role. I am also Show Secretary for Colchester & District Canine Society, also the Acting Show Secretary for The United Retriever Club, and a committee member of The Labrador Retriever Club.  In 2016 I took up post as a Kennel Club Show Liaison Representative for the South East and Anglia Area.

I hope you enjoy looking at my dogs.

Best Wishes

Alison Scutcher


Above left - Rosie & I taking Show Gundog Working Certificate 2011, Ampton, Suffolk

Above Right - Charlie & I at Crufts 2009 for our Working Gundog Certificate presentation